What Is a Washing Machine Gear Box?

Washing Machine Gear Box

A washing machine gear box is a mechanical device that transfers mechanical power in a washing machine. A gearbox in this machine preferably comprises a conical or annular gear and planetary gears. A primary shaft connects the gearbox to a central washing agitator, and a secondary shaft connects it to the tub.

A gearbox is made of several parts, including gears and bearings. The gears are used to turn the washer’s agitator or tub. A gearbox encloses the gears and supports them so that the machine will run smoothly. The gears in a gearbox must be in alignment with each other for the gearbox to work properly.

The gearbox in a washing machine is located at the bottom of the wash tub and transfers power from the motor to the agitator and spin basket. If the gears are damaged or worn, the washer can become noisy and vibrate. In such cases, a replacement may be necessary. Some common causes of gearbox wear are: oil leaks, overloaded gears, and general maintenance of your machine.

A preferred conical structure 4 is made of high-resistance polymer. It includes a cylindrical base 9 and a reinforced cylindrical flange. It also comprises an outer primary shaft 11 with a narrow external surface and two bushings 12 that guide rotation of the secondary inner shaft. The conical structure 4 makes it easy to clean and maintain.

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